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2013 March — Google Play News

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No more ad blockers in Google Play

Google taking a very stern step has tossed up all the ad blockers in Google Play store. This may not be the news you would want to hear, but Google has prohibited all the ad blocking apps in Google Play. Well, Google has given a legal statement regarding this issue. Google has referred to Section […]

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Apple’s iPad to lag behind Android Smartphone this year: IDC

The leading research firm International Data Corp (IDC) has quoted that the sale of Apple’s iPad will lag behind the Android Smartphone this year. Major reason for this extreme result is that people prefer to use the small sized phone more than the large phones, which are somewhat quite cumbersome to handle. This is a […]

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Antivirus on your Android Smartphone

Since Android has become such a popular operating system in today’s world, there are many hackers who have started targeting this OS specifically for their personal benefit. There are many threats to the security of your smart phone which they have created nowadays for scamming innocent users and stealing their data. But, if you are […]

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