July 15, 2024

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3 Android Apps you must have » Google Play News

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The Android Operating System has been a major competitor ever since its release in 2008. It’s just been four years and it is already the most used OS in the world for smart phones and tablets.

Among the major reasons why this OS has been such a hit is because of the large number of free applications which are readily available for download through their application store called the Google Play Store. Here are a few free applications for Android :-

1. Adobe Reader

In today’s world, everyone absolutely requires adobe reader. We all have to view PDF files during the course of the day and this handy little app helps us do just that. This application is a must have for all android users and that is quite evident as it is among the most widely downloaded apps on the Play Store.

Free Download Adobe Reader from here

2. Skype

Skype is also a very handy tool for corporates and individuals alike. The app has all the features of the PC software including VoIP calls at cheap rates. The best feature of skype which is the free skype to skype calls is also available through this app.

Download Skype for free from Google Play store, get it here

3. Youtube

The initial releases of this application had a few bugs reported because of which it wasn’t very popular. But, with recent updates, the app has improved drastically and is now the preferred app for viewing YouTube videos on Android phones. Everything that you could do on the Youtube website has been integrated into this app and you will never need to look elsewhere for your streaming requirements.

Download YouTube for free from here