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5 Interesting facts about Google Play, you probably don’t know — Google Play News

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Are you an active Android user?Here you will find out some great facts about Google Play.Google has taken another one step forward toward unifying it’s Digital media services.Today Google launched Google Play service Replacing Android market. Google play service combines Apps, Google Music, Books, and Movies under the same roof. here are five interesting facts about Google Play which I think you don’t know about.

1.Services offered in Google Play is already available online

The services offered in Google play are: Play Store, Play Music, Play Books , and Play Movies. Goggle mainly rebranded all the available services already available online.

  • Google Movies will become “Play Movies.”
  • The Android Market will become “Play Store.”
  • eBookstore will become “Play Books.”
  • Google Music will become “Play Music.”

Play store is live and serving It’s services at play.google.com. If you try to go to already available services like Android market then you will be redirected to the Play Store. The same thing happens for all other services like Google movies, eBookstore, and Google Music.

If  you are an Android user then you will receive update about Android market. if you don’t’ want to wait for push updates then You can download Google Play manually.

2. You will be able to upload your own Music and Movies at Play store

Same as previous Google Music service you will be able to store up to 20,000 songs in Google Play Music store.All services associated with your Google music account will be continued with Play Music. Any music you already purchased or uploaded is still available at Play music. You can also upload your own(local) music to Play music store cloud storage and access it form anywhere.

The Play Movies currently does not allow to upload your own movie. It acts as a movie rental service.

3. Non-Android users Can use Google Play Services.

If you are not an Android user, you can still take advantages of Google Play Cloud services. You can rent a moves, purchase and upload music, buy and read books from your computer. You can also access all of your content stored at Google Play from any Computer or Smartphone.

4. Stay synchronized with Google play

Google combined Google Music, Android Market, Google eBookstore under the same roof at Google Play. All your content will be stored on a cloud. Basically Google play is  a cloud based service.

You can access Google play form Both of your Android Smartphone /Tablet and PC. So your Web and mobile content stays always synchronized. If you Buy something on Google play form your Computer, it becomes immediately available on your Android Smartphone.

This helps you to save disk space in both of your PC and smartphone.

5. Will Google Play’s cloud-based nature kill my data plan?

Google Play is a Cloud based service, but Most probably Goggle Play will not eat up your Data plan of your Smartphone. Google play provides offline playback for music, books, and rented movies. The amount of content depends on your Device storage.

I think you Have you enjoyed these 5 Interesting facts about Google Play? Even though if you knew any other interesting fact about Google’s new Google Play service, share it in the comment section.

5 Interesting facts about Google Play, you probably don’t know

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