July 15, 2024

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Adobe Flash Player exits Google Play store » Google Play News

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A bad news for Android users, Adobe flash player is officially out of Google play store, and will not be available for download in Google play store any more.

Adobe flash player app for android allows users to view multimedia content on their web based browsers. Adobe CEO confirmed this news that they will no longer officially support and promote flash player for android. but they will continue to develop flash for PC. Adobe also said to remove all existing flash players from android devices due to “unpredictable behavior” in Android Jelly Bean.

Adobe will no longer actively develop flash player for Android, Symbian and Blackberry but they will continue to offer security patches and bug fixes for existing versions till September 2013.

As Adobe has announced to shut down the development of flash player for mobile devices, now HTML 5 has become the best solution for creating multimedia content across  mobile platforms, and this move will surely boost the development and investment on HTML 5.