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Now a day the mid range cheap Tablet section is very hot in the market. Google launched Google Nexus 7, Samsung launched Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and to counter the balance Amazon also announced Kindle white. Now the technological requirement for this Tablet market is saturating, so from now it will become the fight for the content. The store whoever have more content will win the battle and get more user attention. To participate in this content ground Google Launched a media portal called Google play store containing apps, games, movies, music and eBooks, Amazon is already in market for several years. (see also: Amazon makes more money than Google play)

Now users will ask themselves as well as their friends: Which store has the more collection of apps, songs and movies?

to answer the question we are writing this post. Here is the breakdown of content in different categories

Amazon vs. Google Play : Content race

Amazon vs. Google Play no of apps:

around 1/2 million app (600,000) in Google Play

Amazon vs. Google Play No of movies

100,000  movies in Amazon whereas only several thousand movies in Google play store.

Amazon vs. Google Play No of songs

20 million songs in Amazon whereas only one million in Google Play

Amazon vs. Google Play no of eBooks

4 million eBooks in Google Play whereas 850000 eBooks in Amazon app store

NOTE: all the above data are taken at the end of August 2012, Now users have to decide which of these (Amazon or Google Play) Tablet to choose!