July 15, 2024

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If you’re anything like most people, you will have realized by now that there is a serious omission in the Android operating system: the notification light. That little LED light displayed on most Android phones can show practically every color in the rainbow, blink in many different patterns, and perform some neat little tricks. But […]

Since Android has become such a popular operating system in today’s world, there are many hackers who have started targeting this OS specifically for their personal benefit. There are many threats to the security of your smart phone which they have created nowadays for scamming innocent users and stealing their data. But, if you are […]

Smart phones need operating systems just like all other computers. There are various operating systems in the market today like android, iOS and windows phone. Our focus is going to be mainly on the android operating system and its app development. Since it is open source based, programmers find customization very cost-effective in this operating […]

Twitter for Android Review In September 2012, Twitter came out with a new version of its Android app. While the operating system is known for its versatility, it does suffer from the issue of fragmentation. And just like many apps out there, Twitter too fell into this hole. The resulting changes that took place on […]

Twitter has made up his inability to display Instagram images by amending its own library of filters. Twitter app in iPhone and Android now facilitates you to view Instagram like images conveniently. Coleen Baik, Twitter senior designer, shared his views that images are the best source to express one’s feeling of thought and emotion. She […]