July 12, 2024

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3 Android Games you Must Try Have you gotten bored from playing Temple Run and Angry Birds all the time? It is true that there have not been many others that can capture your attention and that are as fun to play as these 2 games. Anyway, we have decided to have a look at some […]

Ouya Developer is back with a bang with its new gaming console. The company has released an official video showing the unboxing of the console. To your surprise, Ouya’s latest gaming console is transparent and it wouldn’t be hard for you to figure out what all components have been embedded in it. The video gives […]

Jetpack Joyride now available at the Google Play Store Smartphone game developer farm Half Bricks Studio(the Developer of Fruit Ninja) launched Jetpack Joyride in Google play store for Android platform. The Jetpack Joyride was previously available at Amazon app store, and from now it is available at Google play store fro free of cost. The […]

After huge success in Angry Birds game, this time Rovio came with much awaited game Rovio Launched. Rovio Launched Amazing Alex Game for Android and iOS just a moment ago.  Amazing Alex is actually a rebranded version of Casey’s Contraptions. Rovio Acquired Casey’s Contraptions from Noel Llopis in May 2012.  Rovio also confirmed to launch […]

Temple Run game for your android While we have been awaiting getting this on our Android gadgets, and lastly here it is. Temple Run is an addicting THREE DIMENSIONAL canabalt-like game play. You incorporate an buccaneer which has taken an idol from the temple and now is hunted down by nasty devil apes that wants […]