July 18, 2024

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Awesome 5 photo editing and sharing applications for iPad » Google Play News

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The overwhelming number of applications that are available on the fly for iPad has really made it a tough call to say aloud which photo sharing or photography app you love the most. But it should be that much tough since there are so many tips and tricks available on how to make the right choice. But few of them are borne out of hand on experience and this is where I am trying to make a difference. Here I am gonna share my personal rendezvous with some of the coolest photography apps that are exclusively available for iPad. Give them a try and let me know what you feel for them:

Photo Transfer App: Though this app does not belong to the race of must have iPad application; it has some sparks in it because of some of its solid features. This app takes the pains out of the image sharing process. With it you would not have to meddle with the complexities of synchronizing your camera with your computer and then to iPad to be able to get your hands on them. With this application, you will sure to have a sign of relief as it takes the middle man out of the whole thing and make things appear super easy.

picTransfer for iPad Lite: Those of you whose budget just do not allow you to go for paid application, picTransfer for iPad Lite is the best app that can have to flaunt it on their iPad. Howver, this free app has its own share of disadvantage. Like the rest of the freebies in the world, picTransfer for iPad Lite comes with nagging ad but other than that this android app is the best thing that you can have for free. This app lets you transfer files between any iDevices. However, this app is certainly not your boy if you are much into transferring images from Computer to iDevices or the other way around.

PhotoPal: This is another super awesome app that can make you fall in love with it at the very first look. This app lets you do almost anything that an average photographer would love to do with his creative tidbits. There a hell of things can be done with this application. For say, you can make some tweaks in the contrast or brightness and if you have a thing or two for adventure, you should go ahead and play around with some advanced features that include saturations, hue, highlights, exposure, gamma, color temperature, color balance and many more. Fixing red eyes, blemishes, sharpening etc are some of the unique features of this app that you will certainly love to give a go. I find this app personally helpful as it helps me adding cool effects on image before adding them to my coupon blog that has the coolest discount coupons on snapfish, mixbook and other photo sharing websites.

Filterstorm: This a perfect companion for professional photographer. However, this does not necessarily means that it is not loaded with the basic features. This is not the case for sure. It is stuffed with some really advanced and premium features that require a certain level of authority to be able to bring out the best result. color range selection, vignetting, gradients, brushes etc are some of those coolest features that you would certainly love to explore and exploit to your advantage. Basically, this app is less for casual photographers, but it is a must have application for veteran photographer.

Adobe Photoshop Express: Adobe is the be all and the end all of all applications out there and there is no particular reason why you should lead your life without it. Adobe Photoshop Express is an app that has almost all those advanced features that you can expect in a regular photo editing software. Just ask the feature and you will have it. For example, you can try some premium features for say, contrast, tint, exposure, adjustment in the colors, straighten, flip, rotate, crop. There are some awesome effects that you should give it a go.  Vibrant, rainbow, vignettes, sharpen, soft focus are some of the coolest effects that you should not miss out on.

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