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BLU announces the release of VIVO 4.65 HD » Google Play News

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In a recent press release of BLU product, the company has announced the release of its new VIVO 4.65 HD Smartphone in the coming January. VIVO 4.65 HD will be an advanced version of VIVO 4.3 which got released earlier this year. VIVO 4.3 has already established itself as a successful brand in the market. BLU Product’s CEO, Mr. Samuel Ohev Zion, appear thrilled with their latest release. He optimistically announced to launch even better mobile phones with amazing specs and features by the first half of 2013.

VIVO 4.65 HD: Specifications

Powered by MediaTek MT6577 dual core 1.2 GHz Cortex processor with 3G/HSPA connectivity, VIVO 4.65 HD will provide you a smooth working interface. This Smartphone works upon the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. BLU has brought about lots of improvements in its multimedia specs. It comes with 8 MP main camera with excellent HD video recording. The best part about VIVO 4.65 HD is its amazing display engraved 4.65’’ Super AMOLED screen. It facilitates you to use Dual SIM settings allowing you to dial and receive calls on both SIMs simultaneously.

VIVO 4.65 HD vs VIVO 4.63 HD

The first and foremost thing is the size of the screen getting enlarged from 4.3’’ to 4.65’’. VIVO 4.65 HD comes with 1 GB of RAM which is greater than it is provided in the earlier version. Moreover, the excellent display resolution with Super AMOLED screen gives an edge to VIVO 4.65 HD. The multimedia features have also been improved in this latest version. You will love having it for its HD video.

VIVO 4.65 HD: Price and Availability

The company is all set to launch VIVO 4.65 HD in the US retail market in January 2013. This Smartphone will then be launched in Latin America and other parts of the world including India and China. The introductory price of VIVO 4.65 HD has been kept at $299.99. VIVO 4.65 HD is all set to square with its counterparts including Nexus 4 and others.