July 18, 2024

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Google Play store (former Android Market) is the biggest online application store for Android, and consist of more than 5 million apps. so there are plenty of options (both paid and free) to simplify your life. But Google Play store only allows to download apps directly from your phone. and sometime due to slow data connection it’s creates trouble.

We were getting several requests from our readers to publish a detailed post about “ How to Download Android Apps to your PC from Google Play Store” and finally I decided to publish that.

Step by Step Tutorial: To download Android Apps on your PC from Google Play store

With a simple trick, you can use your high speed PC connection to download android apps .APK files to your PC without any trouble, and then you can install those apps to your phone.

I tried to keep this process as simple as possible. Just follow these simple steps to download .APK files to your PC.

What’s Needed:

  • Google Chrome browser
  • A Google Play account
  • and Internet connection

The steps to download APK files to your PC

  1. If you don’t have Google chrome installed in your PC,download and install it from here, if you already have Chrome installed then skip to second step
  2. Now open your chrome browser and go to this link to download and install the APK Downloader Extension.
  3. Now go to shortcuts tab and “ mark ‘ –ignore-certificate-errors’ and save the setting. You can also choose target folder wherever you want. (this folder will be used to store downloaded .apk files)
  4. After saving and installation restart your browser.
  5. Now you need to fill up Android device info. You will need Device ID. you can get your device ID from phones manufacturer or Device ID app.
  6. Now open Google Play store and browse for the app you want to download in your PC.
  7. To download the app Just click on the Android icon on the address bar.

If you have Credit card linked to your Google Play store account, then you can also download Paid apps using the above method.