July 18, 2024

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Download Google Play Store apk v3.7.15

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Google play store is going through continuous update and bug fixes,after last update (V 3.7.13 in early July), it’s rolled out another update, and now Google Play Store is at a stable version of v3.7.15. these kind of continuous update implies that Google is serious about this project.

Your phone will automatically update to Google Play app v 3.7.15, but if you are got getting updated automatically, then you can use these download links to download and update Google play app manually.

Google Play Store apk v3.7.15 preview

Here is how google play store 3.7.15 (most recent updated) app will look on your phone:

  1. Download  link #1
  2. Download link#2
  3. Download link #3
  4. Download link #4

We will suggest you to update to latest version of Google Play store as soon as possible.

Installing this app (manually downloaded) is same as installing other apps and games.

Originally posted 2014-10-01 03:35:09.