July 17, 2024

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Google is Suffering Android Developers for Payment » Google Play News

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Android developers from Europe are suffering for their payments from Google. Android Developer gets 70 present of what Google earns by selling their apps in Google Play store (former Android Market). But after the launch of Google play Something went wrong with Google, and it’s delaying payments to those Android developers for Payments.

Developers in Europe had been flooding the Google Checkout Merchant forums with comments, queries and complaints having not been paid their March 70% cut from February sales.

in most of the services Google doesn’t have sufficient communication, and in this case the scenario is worse as there are no ways to contact with Google employees. Google only provide support through forum.

After a mass press attention, Google acknowledged that they are working on the complaints, But till now they are unable to sort out the problem.

If things continues to happen in this way then Google Play will lose several quality developers for it’s Android App Market, and there are no surety that  that this will not happen again.

So lets wait and watch when Google pays These Android Developers.