July 15, 2024

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Google Music Hotkeys add-on for Firefox

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Google music is now part of Google Play. It allows you to store more than 20000 music in the Cloud and access  it from anywhere in the world. You can access your music collection at Google Play Music form your PC, Smart phone and Tablet.

Firefox developers has created an useful add on called Google Music Hotkeys Which enables you to control Google Music even if the service’s tab is not active in the browser.

Download The Firefox extension Google Music Hotkeys

The latest version of the extension, which is fully compatible with Google Play, supports the following three hotkeys:

  • Play / Pause – Ctrl-Alt-P
  • Next – Ctrl-Alt-.
  • Previous – Ctrl-Alt-+

This Firefox extension is Simple and works perfectly.The only shortcoming is there are no customization options available.

Are you using Google Music Hotkeys add-on? Let us know your experience with this add on.

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Originally posted 2014-10-01 08:08:10.