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Holiday gift guide: Choosing the Right Tablet

At a time when most of us are finding it difficult to even remember the times before tablets flooded the market scene, gifting the right tablet for your loved ones is perhaps the best holiday gift. Well, tablets are also the best gifts to receive this holiday season, or any season for that matter! Everyone […]

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3 Android Apps you must have

Must have Free Android Apps The Android Operating System has been a major competitor ever since its release in 2008. It’s just been four years and it is already the most used OS in the world for smart phones and tablets. Among the major reasons why this OS has been such a hit is because […]

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Download Google Play Store apk version 3.10.10

Yet another update to Google Play store, and Official Google Play v3.10.10 is now up for download. You can download and update your Google play store app manually by downloading Google Play apk file. it’s always better to keep your Google Play app updated as it contains several security updates and bug fixes. in some […]

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Bango to step in Google Play with carrier billing

If you are among the lot that doesn’t want to use your credit card or net banking for paying online app in Google Play Store, then here’s good news for you all. Bango, the pioneering mobile payment and Analytics Company, is soon to start carrier billing in Google Play store. Bango may consider collaborating with […]

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Reasons Why Android Need Not Fear the iPhone 5

Android vs iPhone Android or the iPhone is the heartthrob of today’s youth. These high-technology mobile phones in one’s hand seem nothing out of the blue, but surely give the person a reason for pride. When asked which of the two is better, a person will have a tough time deciding exactly which one to […]

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Barnes & Nobles Launches ‘Nook App’ for Windows

Barnes & Nobles Launches ‘Nook App’ for Windows Barnes & Noble, a leading retailer of books in the United States has a chain of book stores dotting across the country. The company is headquartered in New York City. The company owns several large retail outlets and has a tradition of serving coffee at their cafes […]

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