July 18, 2024

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TOP 10 Google Play Store Banned apps

Here are a list of TOP 10 Google Play Store Banned apps which are still available for download in other marketplaces. Google bans/removes certain apps which provides certain threats to the users or uses malware. But sometime Google removes them only because they provide a threat to their business model or may provide competition to […]

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How to Explore Google Play Newsstands

Manage your magazines and news feeds within the Google Play Newsstands app. Combining together the best elements of Google Play Magazines and Google Currents, Newsstands is your destination when you want to read the latest headlines or manage your magazine subscriptions. Through the app you can subscribe to thousands of magazines that are currently available […]

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Is Google play really essential for Android’s open-source software?

Before going on to Google play’s role in android, understanding Android’s open-source software first, is important. Android is truly a programming stage which is allowed to make utilization of, and is really open source in nature. It is an item that is absolutely improved through Google and the Open Handset Alliance. This programming stage is […]

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Download Google Play Store apk v 4.3.11

Download: Latest Google Play Store APK v4.3.11 From now Google play is rolling out another update for Google play store app from Google play store v4.3.10 . This updated Google Play Store app v 4.3.11 has introduced combined update notification, new my apps section and several other minor bug fixes and tweaks. Like always you […]

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No more ad blockers in Google Play

Google taking a very stern step has tossed up all the ad blockers in Google Play store. This may not be the news you would want to hear, but Google has prohibited all the ad blocking apps in Google Play. Well, Google has given a legal statement regarding this issue. Google has referred to Section […]

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Installing New Android Apps? Stay safe.

The Android operating system has become an industry leader among the various operating systems out there today. One of the main reasons for this popularity is the large number of free apps that are available in the Google Play Store. These free apps have given hackers an opportunity to plant various viruses and Malware for […]

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