July 15, 2024

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Google Play or Amazon? Where Your Loyalty Stands » Google Play News

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As the world is going to get governed by 7 inch tablets, Google Play and Amazon are fighting it out to secure their position by expanding their already massive database of songs, movies and other forms of content. Since you cannot have the best of the both worlds because Google Nexus 7 will not let you use Amazon product or the Kindle is not going let you use content of Google Play, you have to make a choice. So, the question is if you are asked to make a choice, whose side you are to take? This is a tricky question and there is no straightforward answer. But still, here we are going to make the most informed decision based on the information available:

Movies: Both Amazon and Google play boast huge collection of latest movies. Search for any latest movies and you will not get disappointed for sure. Both of them has the latest movies like “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”, “Snow White and the Huntsman” and that means, whatever tablet you choose, you would not have to make any compromise when it comes to watching the latest blockbusters. 

However, Google Play collection of classic movies is not that impressive. If you search for some classic flick like the great movie – “Legend”, it will draw a blank. And what surprise me is that when you search for popular movies like “Aliens”, “Terminator 2” etc, Google Play again fail to do justice to its tall claims. But Amazon seems to score a perfect ten in this section. Its collection of classic movies is just awesome. So, if you are a real movie buff, you should put your trust on Amazon.

App Selection: Amazon lost the battle of number in the Application front by a whisker. Google Play currently boasts of 600,000 apps whereas Amazon Appstore is lagging behind with 50,000 apps in its kitty. Both are seeing steady increase in the number of apps and therefore, we can safely assume that finding the right app for your beloved tablet will not be a tough task.

 Music: This is only section where Google Play fails to match up with Amazon. Though I am not belittling the massive collection of music in Google Play store, it cannot even stand a chance against the mighty Amazon. Just search for some popular songs from the 70s and you will see the difference. Amazon will come up with a complete catalogue of each band whereas Google Play will show only the cover albums. 

Magazines: Google Play’s collection of magazine is also shallow. Though popular magazines are available in both Google Play and Amazon, only Amazon has the complete collection of less mainstream publications. The probable reason could be that Google Play might not have acquired that much number of licenses. So, there is a long way to go for Google to be able to catch up with Amazon and its vast collection of magazines.

So, as it appears, Google Play may be the new poster of content based entrainment platform, it has miles to go before, it will be able to throw a gauntlet of challenge to Amazon’s Appstore.

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