July 18, 2024

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How to Download Songs from Google Play Music? » Google Play News

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Google Music (Now a part of Google Play) was launched on 2011. Google Play Music allows users to store their favorite songs to the Google Play cloud. You can access to Google Play music form your PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

Downloading songs stored at Google Play  in your desktop is not easy. Here Google Play Music Downloader does this job simpler.

What is Google Play Music Downloader?

Google Play Music Downloader is a Firefox plugin, which can download individual or an entire album of songs stored at Google Play Music Cloud.

How to Download Songs from Google Play Music using Google Play Music Downloader ?

First of all you need to install Google Music Downloader at your Firefox browser, you can find it at official Mozilla add-on repository, and download it  from here .

Add this extension to your Firefox and enjoy easy downloading of your Google cloud Songs.

Google Play Music Downloader extension adds a Download song link when you open Google Play music at your Firefox.

If you use Google Play Music Downloader then The download process could be less complicated.