July 15, 2024

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If you’re anything like most people, you will have realized by now that there is a serious omission in the Android operating system: the notification light. That little LED light displayed on most Android phones can show practically every color in the rainbow, blink in many different patterns, and perform some neat little tricks. But the only switch in the entire operating system regarding that light with the exception of Facebook notifications is “notifications on” and “notifications off.”

Seeing as the Android’s notification LED lights are not that prominent on the phone, stumbling across this Light Flow app for the Android will be your best find yet. Not only does it enhance your phone’s features but it also does exactly what an Android operating system should do: it gives you almost complete control over the LED light already installed in your Android phone. You can customize your settings and turn your boring Android with a “boring” LED light and turn your phone into something spectacular.

 The standard LED light on the Android is a green or red blinking light. The red blinking light is just there and has no purpose. When that LED light turns green it is most people’s first instinct to jump up and grab their phone. What is interesting is that you don’t have the opportunity of finding out what notifications or messages you have received until you have walked across the room and looked at your phone. This can get extremely annoying at times and somewhat frustrating and a waste of a feature on a great Android phone.

Downloading the Light Flow app on your Android phone will quickly take care of that problem. With the Light Flow app all control is yours. You can set special alerts for special people in your contact list, customize the colors and blinks displayed for different services, and pretty much set just about notification you want. The only thing to worry about with Light Flow is this: there are so many different Android phones out there and more coming out every week that the app designers couldn’t possibly cover every single one. On top of that, some Android Phones don’t even have a multi-color-capable LED, which wastes most (not quite all) of Light Flow’s amazing capabilities.

Fortunately, there is a solution. There is a free Light Flow app for the Android phone which takes care of those phones that do not have those capabilities. This way you won’t be wasting $1.99 on an Android app that won’t work for your phone since it doesn’t have the capability to handle the multi-colored LED light notifications.

Download Light Flow App for Android

Download Light Flow App for your Android devices from Google Play store from this link.