July 15, 2024

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Need HD Android Apps for your Tablet, Use Tablified Market

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Tablet owners some time face difficulties while shopping Android apps at Google Play Store, as searching for Tablet optimized HD apps are difficult. And case become worse when you see incompatible (in terms of resolution) apps after buying. Tablified Market does this job easier for you. “Tablified Market” Filters Android Apps Compatible with your HD Tablet.

Till now there was only one source of truly Tablet optimize Android Apps and that is Staff Picks for Tablets section in Android Market (now Google Play). But the selection was limited.

Features of Tablified Market

  • Tablified Market allows you to search apps by keywords
  • Tablified Market also supports browse by category
  • It contains all the information you use to have in Google Play store (former Android market)
  • Tablified Market is not a market for apps, and it doesn’t contain any of the apps, This only helps you to search compatible apps for your Tablet.
  • You will actually buy from Google Play store.

NB: The load time in Tablified Market is quiet long, compared to Android market (or Google Play  whatever you say)

Download Tablified Market

Tablified Market offers both free and paid version. Obviously paid version contains more features than free one.

The paid version allows you to search in advanced mode and sort apps by popularity, rating and no. of downloads.

download Tablified Market from Google Play store :  Free version , Pro version

Originally posted 2014-10-01 08:08:35.