July 18, 2024

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Nubia Z5 gets unveiled in China » Google Play News

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With a surprise release of ZTE’s sub brand Nubia Z5 in China, the Smartphone market has again become lively. Nubia has built this Smartphone in collaboration with Stefano Giovannoni, the leading Italian designing company, which has given Z5 a beautiful and smart look. Z5 comes with 7.6 mm thickness and at a standard weight of 126 gr. The first look of Nubia Z5 certainly overpasses the charm of Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC Butterfly.

Key features of Nubia Z5

Powered by Qualcomm’s 1.5 GHz quadcore APQ8064 processor, Nubia Z5 is pretty swift in its working. This 1080p Android phone features a 13 MP camera and 2MP front facing camera. Nubia has ensured a finer picture quality in this Smartphone in comparison to its counterparts. With 32 GB internal storage and 2 GB RAM, Nubia Z5 will carry on all your purposes in style. Nubia Z5 also features Wifi display and MHL output. This shows that Nubia has widened up its technological gaze promptly.

Outer Appearance in Nubia Z5

Nubia has launched Z5 in two variants namely matte black and glossy white. Both the textures are pretty unique and will go down well with the audience. Nubia Z5 has been built on an aluminum frame with rounded corners. The competent screen film and a perfect body shape give Z5 an edge over the other Smartphone. The red circle at the bottom of Z5 looks appealing as well.

Nubia Z5 : Price and availability

The introductory price of the basic model of Nubia Z5 has been kept at ¥3,456 which is around $550. Nubia Z5 will also be released in its Titanium version whose price will be on the higher side somewhat near to ¥7,890. The titanium version will offer lots of additional stuff to the masses. Nubia hasn’t disclosed anything related to the availability of Z5 in the international market. We have to wait until the next official announcement. A good thing about this Smartphone is that it will support both China Unicom and China telecom. Speculations are there that Nubia Z5 will support LTE once it is released worldwide.