July 15, 2024

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Another good news for Google Play store users. Google Play music store is updated to version 4.3.606.400990. With Google Play music App you can do several things. You can purchase, and listen to songs stored in Google Play cloud anywhere anytime by the use of this Google Play music app. Some Facts about Google Play […]

Google music is now part of Google Play. It allows you to store more than 20000 music in the Cloud and access  it from anywhere in the world. You can access your music collection at Google Play Music form your PC, Smart phone and Tablet. Google Play My Music Hotkeys for Firefox Firefox developers has […]

This Google Play music  app allows you to access and listen  to your music collection stored in Google Play cloud anywhere. All your music is stored in the cloud so no need to worry about synchronizing. Some Facts about Google Play Music app You can store up to 20,000 in Google Play Music store. Purchases […]

Google is finding solution to add Google Play services to More countries. Currently Google Play services are available only in few countries. Right now Only USA have all the Google Play services( Google Play apps, Play Books, Play Music and Play Books)  available.( For more info see Regional availability of Google Play). The only thing […]

  Google launched Google has recently launched Google Play store featuring Google Play store, Google Play Book, Google Play movies, and Google PlayBooks store. Previously we have shared Download Google Play Movies apk file Download Google Play Movies apk file Download Google play Store 3.4.6 apk   Download Google Play Movies apk file Download the […]