July 15, 2024

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Regional Availability of Google Play store

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Google Play Store is just launched a few days ago by replacing Android Market and some other Google Services like Books, music and eBooks. Google just Combined these services  together and launched as a package in Google Play.

What Services are offered in Google Play?

The services offered in Google Play are:

  • Google Play App Store
  • Google Play Music Store
  • Google Play eBookStore
  • Google Play Movie Store

Visit :Google Play Features for brief info.

Google Play store Services Regional Availability

All the services available in Google Play is not available for all countries. Only in US all the services associated with Google Play have been launched. In all other countries The Google play services are partially available. Just take a look at the following table to get a brief idea about Regional Availability of Google Play store.

U.S.A. yes yes yes yes
UK yes yes yes no
Canada yes yes yes no
Australia yes yes no no
Japan yes no yes no
Rest of the World yes no no no

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