July 17, 2024

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Sleep as Android- Features, tutorial and download link » Google Play News

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Everyone hates to wake up in the morning very early. There are many ways you can wake up using your iPhone, multiple alarm clocks or ask your wife! With a myriad of different devices on the app store which have some other features such as finding the optimal amount of sleep time, having different alarm sounds, recording your breathing while you sleep, tracking your sleep record or just finding out how many times you turn while sleeping, there is an overdose of everything.

However, with Sleep as Android, you can get all the important features together such as it tracks your sleeping habits and wakes you up gradually and not makes you startled. It also lets the user choose from natural sounds that are sympathetic to the ear and you can find your optimal sleep time using this app. This app is for everyone who enjoys a nice sleep.

Download Sleep as Android from Google Play store