July 18, 2024

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Sony's latest models. The Xperia Z and ZL » Google Play News

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For a very long time now, we have been hearing about Sony and how they are gearing up to release a phone which would be able to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note. CES is only a few days away and it’s the perfect chance for Sony to unveil their new Xperia Z & ZL models. Some might recognize these devices by their code names Odin and Yuga. This phone is slated to have a 5 inch touch screen and 1080p. The main difference between both the phones is that the Z follows the standard design of all Sony phones and the ZL reduces some unwanted bezel & repositions the front camera to the bottom instead of the top.

If rumors are to be believed, the Yuga will have a quad core Qualcomm processor and 2 GB of RAM. The device will also supposed to have a 13 MP Exmor RS Sensor which if true, is something worth looking forward to. The ZL is supposed to have the same specifications and that means that it is only the size of the 2 phones which will differentiate them from each other. This is a little strange as one would wonder why you would want to buy a bulkier version of a phone that is available in a much sleeker model. We are not sure if the ZL will have the same specifications though as all we hear nowadays are rumors, but we are that we will learn a lot more on these phones at the CES ’13.

This phone is set to run on the Android Jelly Bean software which is definitely a major upgrade from the Ice Cream Sandwich which was available on the Xperia S. There are also quite a few more handy upgrades which have been made including microUSB support and micro HDMI support. The chipset is supposed to be quite good although it does seem to drain the battery pretty fast. Heating also seems to be a problem with this phone although these may only be problems with the initial development models and may most probably be fixed by the time the phone is announced at the CES.