July 18, 2024

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Top 10 Best Designed Android Apps » Google Play News

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Here we present Top 10 Best Designed Android Apps for your Android smart device. The Google play store now contains near about 1 million apps for its users. Some of them are useful, some are not, some has extremely new UI, some used conventional UI. We tried to pick the Top 10 Best Designed Android Apps ever. Your mid will blow after installing these apps to your device.

1. YouTube (latest update): Official YouTube app is used to browse and view YouTube videos in Android Device. In last update YouTube has got a revamped and robust UI. it’s now became more responsive and its pure white design is just awesome.

2. BaconReader Premium:  This app is used to browse/manage your Reddit account. It’s  a must have if you are a power Reddit user. till now it’s the best option for using Reddit on Android smart device.

3. BBC Weather app: BBC weather app comes in a clean and clear interface, and notable among vast weather app portfolio. It’s recommended to use this as your primary weather app.

4. Google Now: Google Now service was launched way back in 2012 to provide siri like feature. it was launched with a unique feature of Automated information. Instead of searching for information this app provides the right information at the right place automatically. Google now smartly monitors user activity and predicts what user need and when, and provides relevant information accordingly.

5. Catch Notes: Catch Notes comes with an interface which will blow your mind.

6. Rdio: Rdio is a music player for your Android device. According to us it’s the best designed music player ever built.

7. Expense Manager: This app makes it easy to record where, how, and when you spend money, it also has great visualizations

8. Jiffy: Jiffy is a calendar manager, and helps you to easily manage/plan your day with a simple but effective interface.

9. Runtastic Heart Rate PRO: Visualization of this app inspired us to put this in top 10

10. Timely: Timely has proved itself over time with its well designed clock widgets and great timer UI.