July 15, 2024

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Here are a list of TOP 10 Google Play Store Banned apps which are still available for download in other marketplaces. Google bans/removes certain apps which provides certain threats to the users or uses malware. But sometime Google removes them only because they provide a threat to their business model or may provide competition to their business model in future. we have collected a list of Top 10 Android apps which were banned/removed from Google Play store though they are still available at other popular app stores such as Amazon app store.

TOP 10 Google Play Store Banned apps

Top 10 Google Play Store Banned apps

  • Ad-Away: Ad-Away keeps Advertisements away from your Android device. All Android apps have permeation to connect to the internet to show ads, but this app helps you to keep your interface neat and clean without any ads. As Google depends too much on ads, so they decided to remove this application from Play store.
  • Grooveshark : This app is a popular music streaming service, but somehow Google managed to remove this app from marketplace by showing some reason.
  • Amazon AppStore: Direct competitor of Google Play store, so they decided not to list this app on Play store. This is direct contradiction of FCC guidelines. Amazon didn’t challenge Google’s decision.
  • PSX4droid : This is a sort of emulator, and allows you to play PlayStation (PS1) games on your Android device.
  • TubeMate : Tubemate application allows users to download YouTube videos directly on their Android device. Tubemate application is so popular that it’s still one of the most used Android app, but unfortunately not listed (Removed) from Google Play store.
  • Siri for Android : Direct threat to Google Now service, hence they decided to remove this. it’s a Siri like 3rd party application which provided digital assistance to Android users.
  • Rush Poker : A poker game involving real money. As Google didn’t allow gambling related activities on their marketplace, hence they removed this from App store.
  • TV Portal : TV Portal allowed users to view wide range of TV stations, Movies and TV Shows on the move. Was banned on copyright infringement ground.
  • Secret SMS Replicator : Is a kind of spyware. Allows users to send all incoming SMS to a specified number without knowledge of the phone owner. Due to this characteristics it was banned from Play store hours after it’s launch.
  • Dood’s Music : Another music streaming application banned from Play store.

Enjoyed reading above list of Top 10 Google Play Store Banned apps? Let us now if you use any of the above application.