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Wish list and Gift Card will soon be introduced in Google play store — Google Play News

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Much awaited wish list and gift card feature is going to be introduced in Google play store soon. A senior member of Google play community Here is the first observed this, and taken the screenshot of this integration.  Actually This feature is hidden in existing Google play app (Google paly v 3.7.15), he made a little tweak in the app to bring this feature in view.

Here is the Screenshot of Google Play store’s gift card, wish list integration:

Now it’s some sort of confirmed that Google will introduce wish list and  gift voucher feature in Google play store, but most important question is when does Google will introduce this function. well we don’t have any official response for that (not even rumors).

But we can predict that this will be done very soon as we have got Play Store gift cards screenshot, and this hints that integration is going to be very soon. Here take a look at the screenshot of Google Play store Gift card($10 and $25 value):

This gift card integration will allow users to buy apps and games and other services without integrating Credit card or Carrier billing. We all welcome this move of Search giant Google.

So friends, what do you think about this gift card, wish list integration in Google play store, and how will it affect your experience with Google paly store ?

Wish list and Gift Card will soon be introduced in Google play store

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Originally posted 2015-04-16 23:24:17.