July 15, 2024

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7 Must have Free Android Applications » Google Play News

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In this post I will discuss on ‘7 Must have free Android Applications’. This topic has been touched by other people. However, the difference over here is that all the listed applications are the best of the best. In other words, they were chosen from all the best lists out there and prioritized based on the average user.


We all have ‘to do lists’. To quench our thirst the android market is filled with such application in task management. Of all the applications, Any.Do is the best. The reason is attributed to the fact that including a task is as easy as typing. You have to just include the task and assign it to any day, week, or month. Moreover, there is accessibility of dropping one task from one period to other. Sound simple enough, isn’t it?

App Protector:

With the rise in hacking activity, privacy is more of a concern. People carrying sensitive data or information, which they do not want to be revealed, will require protection for their Android device. App protector comes to help in these matters. Upon installing the application, you can lock the system from your home screen. If any unauthorized user tries interfering with the device, it will be impossible to break the code as they have to follow the exact pattern which you have used for locking.

Watch Dog Lite:

Did you know that most applications suck your Android’s Battery? Well, no application developer will reveal such information. However, another developer seems to have arrived at a solution by letting you know on the stats of your battery life. Watchdog Lite is an application, which shows the consumption of battery level. In case some applications go bizarre and stop responding, they can suck your battery dry. At such moments, you can stop these applications and save your battery.


Maintaining your budget and keeping track of money spent is toilsome. I have tried it manually on paper only to regret it later. Sometimes it is best to have a digital application do the job for you. Mint is an application, which keeps track of your spending and allows you to stay abreast of your budget maintenance. There is an option for password protection if you want extra security. Please note that Mint does not actually transfer your money. It just keeps a record of what you have spent.


A content management tool on go. Dropbox allows you to store any data like videos, images, documents etc. You can access them either through your Android device or through your PC. The application allows editing of your documents too. Moreover, you never have to worry about losing your data anymore.

Where’s my Droid:

You misplaced your phone and do not know where. You take another phone and call it but suddenly you remember that the other phone is on silent mode. I bet you have experienced this scenario. ‘Where’s my Droid’ is an application, which will allow you to increase the ringing volume and deactivate the silent mode remotely. Moreover, it will also show the co-ordinates on Google Map if you are far away from the Phone.

Google Voice:

Sprint charges you $1.99/ month for the same service that Google Voice provides you for free. All you have to do is forward your unanswered calls to Google Voice. When you want to hear it just play them. Though the functionality takes some time it is your best bet, as it is free!

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