June 13, 2024

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No more ad blockers in Google Play » Google Play News

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Google taking a very stern step has tossed up all the ad blockers in Google Play store. This may not be the news you would want to hear, but Google has prohibited all the ad blocking apps in Google Play. Well, Google has given a legal statement regarding this issue. Google has referred to Section 4.4 of the Play Store developer agreement which clearly states that no one can “interfere” or “disrupt” properties and services of any third party. Most of the ad blocker apps were found guilty under this clause and they have been given a legal notice to stop such activities.

Why did Google ban ad blocker apps?

Well, the reasons can be many but at the core, Google is an advertising company and it would not like to compromise with its advertising ability at any cost. This is the reason why Google is able to give Android apps for free. The more ads they will generate, the higher their revenue. Another major reason in this regard is that the profit making chart of apps developer in iOS platform is rising with much more leaps and bounds in comparison to the Android apps developer in Google Play store. May be this decision from Google will help the Android app developers to earn a substantial revenue.

Since Android is an open interface, that’s why it always provides an opportunity for the ad blocker apps to make their way in. Many-a-times, you may not find these ad blocking apps on your interface but you will notice them once you download apps and games from unofficial sources.

Another interesting this to note is that Google made this stern decision to ban ad blocker apps on the same day when Android chief Andy Rubin stepped down. Sundar Pichai, new Android Chief and Head of Google Chrome, has made his intentions very clear in the beginning only. It is still not been confirmed that this decision from Google is because of Sundar Pichai but if it is then ‘AdBlock’, which is among the most famous extension of Chrome, will also see a lock on its usage pretty soon. Some more unexpected decisions may soon come out from Google. So do watch out for them. Though it will not dismantle the Android user’s base but it will be interesting to see how market respond to it.