July 15, 2024

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ARCHOS unveils TV Connect with Android empowered » Google Play News

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ARCHOS, famous for producing multimedia portable device, has come forward with pretty modern equipment. ARCHOS TV connect is the first Android powered device that will give you a completely supreme flavor. The best part about this ARCHOS innovation is that it fluently converts any HDTV into an Android featured TV. You can easily access all the Android powered features out there. Apart from it, you will also be offered a smart TV touch remote that will suit your standard. “The ARCHOS TV connect provides users with a multi-touch, multi-media Smart TV experience powered by AndroidTM” said Henry Crohas, CEO of ARCHOS. This new ARCHOS device will take the flagship of Android devices in the forward direction.


  • Multi touch gesture support: These specially designed gesture interface will help you better to zoom in, zoom out and perform other rotating features efficiently.
  • Exemplary TV Touch remote: It’s definitely a uniquely designed remote with all sorts of stuff properly filled in it. It gives you access to use your TV features just like you are using your tablet.
  • Android Games on TV: Thousands of games and apps are there for you to access. You can easily play any of your favorite Android game and explore the most of it.
  • Uniquely designed keyboard: The TV touch remote comes with a uniquely designed keyboard as well through which you can access any Android feature with shortcuts.
  • Gaming mapping tool: It is just based on the concept of Gamepad. In this, the controls of your game are mapped on the TV remote so that you can play the game nicely.
  • Watch online videos: No matter from which online website you wish to watch video, it will be streamed without any fuss. It will be a revolting experience for you.
  • You can pretty conveniently share your images and files with your friends on social networking sites.
  • You can also make HD video calls among your friend circle and family members.

This ARCHOS device will be available in the market at $130. So do keep a close look at it.