June 16, 2024

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Have you gotten bored from playing Temple Run and Angry Birds all the time? It is true that there have not been many others that can capture your attention and that are as fun to play as these 2 games. Anyway, we have decided to have a look at some other games that are available in the Play store which may match up to them.

1. Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Minecraft is one such game. This game had a huge fan following when it was released on the PC and there is no reason for android users to not appreciate it. The graphics are quite basic so there isn’t much of a problem there. The game involves building worlds from blocks. There are various patterns which you have to follow with your construction. It’s simple and fun.

2. Wreck-it Ralph

Another interesting game in the Play Store is called Wreck it Ralph. This game gained a second life when the movie of the same name was released earlier this year. The game involves lots of wrecking, dodging and climbing. It gives you an old school sort of experience. This is not a game to miss.

3. Grand Theft Auto

The next game that we advise you to download from the app store is Grand Theft Auto. It is true that GTA on android is nowhere as detailed or fun as on gaming consoles but remember, you are talking about a mobile phone here. There are multiple missions and the free roam driving and shooting feature will ensure that you spend countless hours playing GTA on your phone and we recommend you watch the battery levels in your phone as people tend to get carried away and suddenly find themselves with a low battery and a full day ahead of them.