July 15, 2024

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Bango to step in Google Play with carrier billing » Google Play News

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If you are among the lot that doesn’t want to use your credit card or net banking for paying online app in Google Play Store, then here’s good news for you all. Bango, the pioneering mobile payment and Analytics Company, is soon to start carrier billing in Google Play store. Bango may consider collaborating with a third company in order to make the billing process smoother and convenient. Bango made an official announcement about it on 10th of December, 2012.

Bango has already made a pact with Telstra (top rated Mobile Network Operator in Australia). Google Play Telstra subscribers can now conveniently pay through the Bango payment operator. There is no need to fill lengthy forms or put in your personal details. This is the first time when Bango will partner with any MNO. As per the Bango official, many other MNOs have contacted them for a similar partnership and they are considering the proposals seriously. Bango is pretty optimistic about the Android usage in the mobile market, hence it wouldn’t be a bad deal to offer carrier billing in Google Play store.

Google Play is a storehouse where all sorts of stuffs including apps, music, games and other digital data can be found. Bango carrier billing facility will make the billing process simpler for the customers. What can we think of better but Bango collaborating with Android phone?

Telstra subscribers will enjoy the single click payment operator powered by Bango. Such a payment operator serves as an incentive and results in more collection of revenue for app stores. Before Google Play, Bango is already in connection with Blackberry App World, Facebook, and Opera Mobile store. Bango has a renowned name throughout the globe. There are speculations that Bango may soon become technology partner for Mastercard. Bango eases the peculiar task of processing payment in style. Google Play store users will definitely enjoy carrier billing with Bango. It’s just the matter of time when Bango will actually jump into Google Play Store. Till then, watch out for a new announcement related to Google Play store.