June 15, 2024

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10 Most expensive Android App » Google Play News

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Here are a list of 10 most expensive apps of Google Play store, and the task for finding this list of most expensive app was quiet easier than what we initially thought. have a look at this list:

Top 10 Most Expensive android apps:

As you can see in the above list that among these 10 apps 9 of them are useless, and have no value (even it’s useless if you download it for free), only one of them worth the value. Here Google has limited the apps price to $200, that’s why the most expensive Android app is $200.

Whereas the most expensive iOS app costs $1000, but that does some sort of work. the most expensive iOS app name is VIP Black. But most expensive Android apps are just there for showing off user’s money and surprisingly named like:  I’m Rich!! – White Diamond, I’m Rich Man ,  and Most Expensive App and I am sure these apps doesn’t even sold for once !! the user who will buy these kind of app who has either empty brain or has billions of dollars to spend.