June 13, 2024

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S for the Wisdom of Solomon, H for the strength of Hercules…oops! Wrong thought process….. The Wisdom of Solomon definitely comes into play as the modern Shazam app in the Android world can recognize practically any piece of music ever professionally recorded and give you the track title and the artist’s name in 30 seconds.

The human brain has a nasty ability to store tens of thousands of bits and pieces of music while not having a clue as to the name of the song. This brings up a common problem: you hear a bit of music and you know you’ve heard it before; you probably even remember that you like it. But what is the name of that song? We literally make ourselves nuts trying to remember the names of these songs or even just the artist who sings the song.

The Shazam app for the Android solves that problem easily. It is so easy in fact that, to activate the app, you press the “tagging function from the main screen, hold up your Android Smartphone so it can hear the song you are trying to remember, and within 30 seconds, this app figures out the song for you! What better way to save yourself from a little bit of stress trying to figure out the name of a song?

The newest version of the app has eliminated the most annoying feature of the original: the requirement that you call a certain phone number first to “connect.” During that delay the song would usually end and you would be left frustrated. However, the new version does require a data connection on your device. If you’re using any device without at least 3G, you’re out of luck. Regardless, you can’t beat the price considering it as it’s free and this Android app has made the list of the “Top Five Free Music-Related apps.”

The only downside to this app is that it keeps tempting you with all the other things you could do with it if you were willing to pay. Listening to the full original track on Spotify Premium and having the lyrics to the song scroll across your screen in real time through the agency of LyricPlay are two examples. These two options are not really downfalls of the app seeing as it opens the door to many more options that you can purchase to enhance your experience with the Android Shazam app. That having been said, it’s still a pretty interesting and promising app. The feeling of never having to wonder “what the heck is that song?” ever again is way up there in the satisfaction department.

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SHAZAM! Here’s Your Song!