July 15, 2024

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Spyware apps hits Japanese Google Play Store » Google Play News

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The Japanese Google Play store became infected by virus. On Friday afternoon McAfee reported A new Trojan in Google Play store (former Android Market) , and removed on the same day. The Trojan was hidden inside a Japanese-language video game application. This app contains scenes of anime or adult Japanese videos.

McAfee detected this threat as a Android/DougaLeaker. According to McAfee there are 15 apps in the Google Play store effected by this Trojan. This Japanese video game app needed some permissions like “read contact data” and “read phone state and identity” which are non essential for this app. McAfee advised users to beware from those apps promising to display video content. they also said to take a look at the permeations needed for that app before installing.

The infected app was downloaded and installed by 70,000 people, and This reported spyware app gathers Android ID,phone numbers email id etc. but it’s wasn’t able to take IMEI no of the devices.