February 26, 2024

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ViewSonic announces to release VSD240 smart display » Google Play News

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After the successful performance of VSD220, ViewSonic has announced to release its advanced version – VSD240 soon. The best part about this 24 inch Smart display is that it runs Android 4.1. Unlike Sony and Lenovo, ViewSonic’s products target the business centric audience. Most of these products find their use as a secondary display in the offices. VSD240 smart display is filled with all the useful apps with a professional look. People are accepting its worth single handedly.

Key features of VSD240

VSD240 is very much similar to its predecessor VSD220 smart display tablet. These tablets have all the functionalities of an android phone. The larger display gives you a different feeling all together. It comes with HDMI and USB ports through which you can easily connect it with external data device. The SD card storage enables you to store a lot of data up to a certain limit. The 1.3 Megapixel camera inbuilt in it also makes the stuff pretty easy for you. VSD240 is easily portable just like any other tablet PC. Though most of the time, it is fixed as monitors for display to the audience. Bluetooth and wireless connectors are present to attach mouse and keyboard. This Smart display is full of advanced features. The touch display is certified with Windows 8 and you will find its interface really cool to use.

Price and Availability of ViewSonic VSD240 Tablet

ViewSonic is planning to release the VSD240 in the coming April. This device will first be launch in North America. ViewSonic will then think about releasing it in other parts of the world. If we talk about the price, then it will be released at a cost of $499. It may seem to you on the higher side but its features will definitely make an impact on you. ViewSonic has done a good homework and this product is going to be a big hit of 2013.