July 18, 2024

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Study says “More than 50% of Google Play apps may have some sort of security Risks” » Google Play News

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From a recent study it has been found that More than half of Google Play apps could pose security risks. Most of the Security Risks are due to heavy usage of ADS IN ANDROID MOBILE APPS.

A group of researchers from Carolina State University has studied more than 100,000 Google Play apps and found that half of them contains as libraries and 297 of them were infected by aggressive ad libraries. The aggressive ad libraries enables app developers to collect private data, download and run custom codes from remote servers, hence these apps raises Serious Security and privacy concerns.

Most of the Android apps containing ads on it have some sort of privacy issue. This security risk arises due to in born privilege ofAndroid apps to connect to the internet. Many have currently started to raise their voice to give Handset owners choice whether they want to see ads in apps or not, they also demanded that Google Play apps must have some sort of granting procedure before being able to connect to the internet.