June 13, 2024

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Reading is no more boring with the slew of updates rolled out by Google for Google Play Books app » Google Play News

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I know how terrible you might feel when you are reading something and come across a certain place-name that you are unaware of. It makes the whole reading thing uninteresting. It seems like Google has been watching us all along or could it be that it has some divine knowledge of our inconveniences and probably this is the reason why it has rolled out a much-awaited update for its Play Books App that experts believe is going to change the game for once and all.

When Apple is struggling with faulty Map applications and Google is enjoying appreciation for its finest map application. To cash in on the trend, Google has now shrewdly integrated some awesome features of Google maps in its not-so-famous Google Play Books app to rival the competitors. And it seems it has succeeded in winning the love and admiration of the audience.


This new update is aimed at transforming the whole concept of reading. Now, when you will be reading the books of the famous dramatist of all time – G.B. Shaw or some magnum opus of Tolstoy, you would not necessarily have to make a Google search to be able to gather some information about a place that you are unaware of. From now on you need to have to meddle with such mediocrity that can ruin the whole reading experience. Just tap on the place-name or the mountain range and you will be instantly made aware of its location and there will be option to learn more about this. An info card will pop up and the options will be there to gather more information by delving deep into Google search or by browsing Wikipedia.

And do not let the tough words intimidate you. With this update, all you need to tap on the unknown words and you will be provided with a quick definition.

Translation: Do not let the language be a spoil sport in your rendezvous with the foreign language classics. With this roll out, you will be able to translate any words or phrase into another language almost instantaneously. Just select the words or phrase you want to translate and choose the button from the action bar and you are done. It is that simple.

Note and Highlight: To give some real life effects to the reading experience, this app has some got some new features. From now on, you will be able to take notes and highlight important sections or texts, just like we do in real life. And the best part – since the books are on the Cloud, the notes, highlights or any other changes you will made will be automatically synced on the phone, tablet or any other android devices.

Another major chance is the availability of new sepia reading theme. Day and night themes are already available and the addition of this new theme will certainly spice up the reading experience significantly. And the magic does not stop here. There are the awesome 2D sliding page turning animation that will definitely make you say WOW and Google has definitely gone miles ahead when it comes to improving stability.

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