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2012 September — Google Play News

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Reading is no more boring with the slew of updates rolled out by Google for Google Play Books app

I know how terrible you might feel when you are reading something and come across a certain place-name that you are unaware of. It makes the whole reading thing uninteresting. It seems like Google has been watching us all along or could it be that it has some divine knowledge of our inconveniences and probably […]

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Google Play or Amazon? Where Your Loyalty Stands

As the world is going to get governed by 7 inch tablets, Google Play and Amazon are fighting it out to secure their position by expanding their already massive database of songs, movies and other forms of content. Since you cannot have the best of the both worlds because Google Nexus 7 will not let […]

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Download Google Play APK 3.8.17 with Gift card support

A new version of Google play app with a new feature. This time they implemented the Gift card feature in this update. So update your Google play app as soon as possible to take advantage of Gift card. you can find Google play gift card from your nearest retail store. What’s new in Google Play […]

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uTorrent beta for android Launched

Android uTorrent beta arrives on Google Play uTorrent the famous, light weight Desktop Bit torrent client is now up in the Android market and available to the end users for free. uTorrent is designed to use as few resources as possible, and like it’s desktop counterpart, the Android version is also applicable for Android smartphones. […]

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Amazon vs. Google Play

Google Play Store vs. Amazon app store Now a day the mid range cheap Tablet section is very hot in the market. Google launched Google Nexus 7, Samsung launched Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and to counter the balance Amazon also announced Kindle white. Now the technological requirement for this Tablet market is saturating, so from […]

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Google Play – Things You May Not Know About

So, like the rest of the human beings, you too believe that you know everything about Google Play. If  you have ever nourished this idea, you are completely mistaken. There are some unknown territories in Google Play that you might have not explored yet. Of course, overtly it is an official entertainment hub from the house […]

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