June 16, 2024

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Must have Free Android Apps The Android Operating System has been a major competitor ever since its release in 2008. It’s just been four years and it is already the most used OS in the world for smart phones and tablets. Among the major reasons why this OS has been such a hit is because […]

In this post I will discuss on ‘7 Must have free Android Applications’. This topic has been touched by other people. However, the difference over here is that all the listed applications are the best of the best. In other words, they were chosen from all the best lists out there and prioritized based on […]

Apps are everywhere. And they are so many that it can make you go nuts when you are in need of a good app and there are zillions of them available offering almost the same features.  Now, put on the shoes of an app developer and hopefully, you can feel the how tough it is […]

One find morning you woke up feeling blissfully happy, just to realize later that your bank account is siphoned off by some miscreants. Sounds like a scary movie but believe me this can happen to anyone given the kind of information we are sending and receiving while on the move via our cell phone. But […]

Google Now Android Application Well after a long days of research Google has launched the most advanced application till now. Google now is one kind of virtual assistance app, which provides you information which you need at heat moment or in the other words it provides you information which you need to know now. Here […]