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Skyvi (Siri concerning Android)

Get Skyvi (Siri for Android) Android app Skyvi can be another option regarding Android’s Siri, a pocket supervisor which responses to your queries helping you discover information and update your social networks. The most used characteristics which Skyvi consists of are finding locations, obtaining ways, remind when you approach a location, remembrance of activities, sharing […]

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Sleep as Android- Features, tutorial and download link

Get Sleep as Android app for free Everyone hates to wake up in the morning very early. There are many ways you can wake up using your iPhone, multiple alarm clocks or ask your wife! With a myriad of different devices on the app store which have some other features such as finding the optimal […]

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Siine keyboard- Make your Android Experience Better then ever

Siine keyboard-Free Keyboard Download How many different kinds of keyboards have you seen till now? If you are an normal user, you probably know about the QWERTY keyboard. However, people are now getting custom keyboards to help them type faster than ever before. The features that are included in custom keyboards are theme changes and […]

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Evernote Android app from Google Play Store

Get Evernote app for your Android Device Do you have problems remembering what documents, sheets, music, videos, and other important things you have on different devices? Fret not! With Evernote, you will be able to keep track of everything such as photos, lists and even voice records. In addition, the applications will be searchable from […]

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Google Currents App takes your android device one step further

Google Currents is an Android app allows you to browse your favorite publications from your Android phone or tablet. And the main advantage of Google currents is it’s free, and beautiful (UI is great). Google currents allows you to read from The Guardian, TechCrunch, Forbes, PBS, at a higher speed. You can also read offline […]

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Need HD Android Apps for your Tablet, Use Tablified Market

What is Tablified Market? Tablet owners some time face difficulties while shopping Android apps at Google Play Store, as searching for Tablet optimized HD apps are difficult. And case become worse when you see incompatible (in terms of resolution) apps after buying. Tablified Market does this job easier for you. “Tablified Market” Filters Android Apps […]

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