May 28, 2024

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Not much time has passed since the introduction of LG Escape in the market by AT&T which offers a substantial Android option for the users at a competitive rate. If we go by the sources, then another Verizon release is on the list. LG VS870 has been showcased at the FCC and WPC. This latest […]

Lot has been talked about the KDDI’s Infobar and finally we have it around the corner. HTC au Infobar A02 has been designed by the Naoto Fukasawa – a renowned company in the world. The best part about this device is its fluid animation and uniqueness of the “iida UI” 2.0. The credit for the […]

LG Optimus G Pro is definitely going to be the much advanced and efficient mobile than its predecessor. LG Optimus G has already made a substantial space in the market. In the recent post, we have disclosed that this phone has crossed the 1 million sales figures. This latest edition definitely has lots of crucial […]

As per the LG’s latest sales figure, company’s flagship phone – LG Optimus G has crossed the 1 million sales worldwide. LG has given a clear cut message to the mobile community that it too has a potential to compete in the free market. LG Optimus G was released in September last year. Since then, […]

For all the Smartphone lovers, here is a good news for you all. The latest release of HTC – HTC One SV is on the cart at Cricket. The best part about this Smartphone is that it is available at dirt cheap rates. This phone has only been released at Cricket; hence it is a […]