June 15, 2024

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In a recent press release of BLU product, the company has announced the release of its new VIVO 4.65 HD Smartphone in the coming January. VIVO 4.65 HD will be an advanced version of VIVO 4.3 which got released earlier this year. VIVO 4.3 has already established itself as a successful brand in the market. […]

Guide to fix Android common problems Is your Android smart phone giving trouble? Here are some quick tricks which may help you get rid of the problems without the headache of getting the phone repaired. It is recommended that before you get started with any sort of repair attempt, you should save a copy of […]

With a surprise release of ZTE’s sub brand Nubia Z5 in China, the Smartphone market has again become lively. Nubia has built this Smartphone in collaboration with Stefano Giovannoni, the leading Italian designing company, which has given Z5 a beautiful and smart look. Z5 comes with 7.6 mm thickness and at a standard weight of […]

Android vs iPhone Android or the iPhone is the heartthrob of today’s youth. These high-technology mobile phones in one’s hand seem nothing out of the blue, but surely give the person a reason for pride. When asked which of the two is better, a person will have a tough time deciding exactly which one to […]

All new Google Nexus 4 has really gone hot in US market and it sold out from Google Play store in just one hour. The Nexus 4 phone is made by LG Electronics ltd. Within 1 hour of it’s launch, the Google stock of the phone depleted and it asked shoppers to leave email so […]