June 16, 2024

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ASUS is all set to bring about its new and larger Memo Pad in the market. It’s not been long since the introduction of 7 inch ASUS Memo Pad and ASUS has given a glimpse of its 10 inch version. ASUS has released an official video of this device on Youtube soon. ASUS has given […]

Sony gave a pleasant surprise by announcing its latest product – Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Sony made an announcement about it in Japan yesterday. This Smart tablet from Sony will carry forward its name in the market. This advanced device will take over the legacy of Sony Xperia Tablet S. Another important thing about this […]

There has been a persistent demand from the users to increase the display of the Samsung Galaxy Note. But what should be the exact dimension, that’s the problem. Samsung is planning to release its Galaxy Note with an 8 inch display screen sometimes in March. Samsung has made a deep study about it and it […]

ASUS is eventually going to launch its latest 7 inch Android tablet in this season soon. ASUS Memo Pad is a lot better in compatibility and looks. Especially for the mobile consumers, this tablet can be a rocking option for you. This tablet comes with a large array of apps and games that will keep […]

Asus is all ready to break into the tablet accessories market with a bang. Asus will launch its official dock accessory for Nexus 7 tablet soon in the market. This time Asus has kept a check on its pricing as the introductory price of this accessory is just $39.99. Such accessory will widen up your […]