May 29, 2024

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Google is working on adding Google Play services in more countries » Google Play News

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Currently Google Play services are available only in few countries. Right now Only USA have all the Google Play services( Google Play apps, Play Books, Play Music and Play Books)  available.( For more info see Regional availability of Google Play). The only thing which is available throughout the world is Google Play Apps.

As Google Music, Movies and Books aren’t available throughout the world, people is now raising complaints to Google at official Google Play Google+ page. Google also responded to some of those complaints, and said they are trying their best to add those services throughout the world. But there are some content licensing and copyright act problems.

Here are how Google Play official responded:

We’re working hard to bring the different types of media in Google Play to more countries, so that more of you can take advantage of the tools and deals we offer. There are many aspects to launching a feature like this internationally that take time to get right and mean more than just flipping on a switch. We’ll be announcing more availability for books, movies, and music as each rolls out, so stay tuned on this page in the coming months!

Getting license for Digital products (Like: eBooks, movies and music) can take years.There are also some problems like different publisher in different region for same eBook or other digital product. So it is obvious that it is going to take a good amount of time to launch Music, Movies and Books worldwide. Apple and Amazon also had the same issues and sometimes it took years to solve.

A simple trick which works most of the time

Trick: if you are looking for a particular eBook or Android app which isn’t available in your country, instead of waiting for the product to be available to your country, contact directly to the developer. This trick works most of the time excluding some established developers like HBO Go and BBC iPlayer