June 15, 2024

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Well after a long days of research Google has launched the most advanced application till now. Google now is one kind of virtual assistance app, which provides you information which you need at heat moment or in the other words it provides you information which you need to know now.

Here is the introduction video of Google Now:

The Google Now app will provide you traffic info of your usual route, and also provide alternative route if there is a jam. Google Now will also tell you the exact train and subway information and available next train.

Google Now also provides information about exact flight timing, delayed and cancelled flight. so in this way Google Now makes your travelling easier.

Along with above thing, Google now provides Breaking news, News on your interest subject. It even provide you current match score happening between your favorite team. you can even buy tickets of upcoming matches by using this app.

Along with this it also provide several informative, up-to-date navigation feature which you might need in a new city.

For everything you need on your Android Smartphone, Google has it for you with its new Google Now App.