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Wish list and Gift Card will soon be introduced in Google play store

Google Play Store getting gift card, wish list support Much awaited wish list and gift card feature is going to be introduced in Google play store soon. A senior member of Google play community Here is the first observed this, and taken the screenshot of this integration.  Actually This feature is hidden in existing Google […]

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10 Most expensive Android App

Top 10 Most Expensive Google Play Applications Here are a list of 10 most expensive apps of Google Play store, and the task for finding this list of most expensive app was quiet easier than what we initially thought. have a look at this list: Top 10 Most Expensive android apps: Most Expensive App ($200.00) […]

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Adobe Flash Player exits Google Play store

Adobe officially out of Android Market (Google Play store) A bad news for Android users, Adobe flash player is officially out of Google play store, and will not be available for download in Google play store any more. Adobe flash player app for android allows users to view multimedia content on their web based browsers. […]

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Download Google Play Store apk v3.7.15

Google play store is going through continuous update and bug fixes,after last update (V 3.7.13 in early July), it’s rolled out another update, and now Google Play Store is at a stable version of v3.7.15. these kind of continuous update implies that Google is serious about this project. Your phone will automatically update to Google […]

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Reverse Phone number Lookup- investigate any phone number

Getting lots of prank calls or  Want to investigate about any Land line, mobile phone number?  for that you can get help of Reverse phone Lookup service without bothering about federal rules and such. You will get your report instantly using this service. You will get information like: in whose name the phone number is […]

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Google Nexus 7, 8GB sold Out in Google Play store

Google Nexus 7 Out of Stock The Google Nexus 7, 8GB version has gone out of stock in Google Play store, and it’s quiet interesting that The Nexus 7 fever has not yet gone yet. The 16 GB variant of Nexus 7 is still in stock. Here have a look at this screenshot: Google will […]

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