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Need HD Android Apps for your Tablet, Use Tablified Market

What is Tablified Market? Tablet owners some time face difficulties while shopping Android apps at Google Play Store, as searching for Tablet optimized HD apps are difficult. And case become worse when you see incompatible (in terms of resolution) apps after buying. Tablified Market does this job easier for you. “Tablified Market” Filters Android Apps […]

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Google Music Hotkeys add-on for Firefox

Google music is now part of Google Play. It allows you to store more than 20000 music in the Cloud and access  it from anywhere in the world. You can access your music collection at Google Play Music form your PC, Smart phone and Tablet. Google Play My Music Hotkeys for Firefox Firefox developers has […]

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Download Google Play Music v4.1.513 apk for free

This Google Play music  app allows you to access and listen  to your music collection stored in Google Play cloud anywhere. All your music is stored in the cloud so no need to worry about synchronizing. Some Facts about Google Play Music app You can store up to 20,000 in Google Play Music store. Purchases […]

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Beautiful Widgets app updated to v4.0

Beautiful Widgets app received an update and it’s finally updated to v4.0 on Google Play. Beautiful Widgets app Allows you to have a nice and good looking home screen, and if you haven’t tried it then I will suggest you to give it a try (Download Beautiful Widgets). This app Selected by Google as an […]

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Google is Suffering Android Developers for Payment

No Pay from Google Play for Android Developers Android developers from Europe are suffering for their payments from Google. Android Developer gets 70 present of what Google earns by selling their apps in Google Play store (former Android Market). But after the launch of Google play Something went wrong with Google, and it’s delaying payments […]

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TOP 50 Android Apps Ever

Here are the TOP 40 Android Apps for your Android Phone/Tablet. Android Market (oops it’s now Google Play ) has a collection of more than 450,000 apps. We have picked these top 40 Android apps from the collection 450,000. TOP 50 PICK OF THE ANDROID PHONE APPS ANDMADE SHARE Free AMAZON MOBILE FOR ANDROID Free […]

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