May 28, 2024

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This video Introduces you to the brand new service Movies on Google Play. Google has recently launched Google Play the new App Store for Android. Movies on Google play allows you to choose from millions of movies including HD. You can stream your favorite classics to the award winning films. Movies on Google Play [Video]

Google Play: Apps, Music, Movies, and Books All Under One Roof Google has retired Android and introduced all new Google Play. Google has merged all the Apps, Music, Movies, and Books All Under One Roof in Google Play. Just a few days ago there was a rumor that Google’s next Tablet is going to be …

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Finally all the rumor about being Google Play the Google’s new Tablet has gone. Google has Just launched a Brand new App store with the name Google Play store. and they are expecting that this will perform better than Android App store. Unlike Android App store Google has brought things like  Apps, Music, Movies, and …

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According to rumors The New Google Tablet is not Google Nexus, It’s Google Play Google Play Features These features are according to rumors: Google Play will be a 7-inch stock Android 4.0 ICS OS with High speed Quad core processor

What is Google Play? Google has recently registered a series of Domains related to Google Play. It seems like Google is in the plan of Launching Something really big. It may be a Tablet or a Platform Or an App store. The registered domains related to Google Play are: …

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