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Adobe officially out of Android Market (Google Play store) A bad news for Android users, Adobe flash player is officially out of Google play store, and will not be available for download in Google play store any more. Adobe flash player app for android allows users to view multimedia content on their web based browsers. […]

We already informed you all that Google Play app has been updated to 3.7.13  and here in this post I will tell you how to download Download Google Play APK v3.7.13 and update it manually. After launch of Google Play , Google Play App is improving day by day, and this update adds some more […]

Google Play Store Update APK 3.7.13 an update to Google play store app is available now. It’s now been updated to v3.7.13. this update includes several minor bug fixes and UI fixes as well as sudden application crash on several device is now fixed in this update. We will soon write a post with a […]

After huge success in Angry Birds game, this time Rovio came with much awaited game Rovio Launched. Rovio Launched Amazing Alex Game for Android and iOS just a moment ago.  Amazing Alex is actually a rebranded version of Casey’s Contraptions. Rovio Acquired Casey’s Contraptions from Noel Llopis in May 2012.  Rovio also confirmed to launch […]

Download Android Apps (APK Files) from Google Play store on your PC Google Play store (former Android Market) is the biggest online application store for Android, and consist of more than 5 million apps. so there are plenty of options (both paid and free) to simplify your life. But Google Play store only allows to […]

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